NOW we also have Snails Caviar…

Febbraio 21st, 2019 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “NOW we also have Snails Caviar…”

Snails caviar is a food based on fresh snail eggs, also called “Pearls of the Undergrowth” or “Pearls of Aphrodite” the Goddess of love, beauty, generation and fertility.

Snails eggs have a color that varies from pure white to classic pink, and are about 4 mm in size.

Color, aroma and the very delicate taste remind the musk, the dew, or the undergrowth mushrooms.

Snail Pearls should not be cooked, ideal is to serve them as an appetizer on canapés with a splash of lemon and a dash of extra virgin olive oil.

They can be used for example as a decoration of meat and mushroom based main courses: place a few beads on the food already served, the eggs will give off a sweet scent of wood that will complete the dish with a touch of extreme refinement.

The pearls have dietary properties as absolutely free of fat and rich in sodium, calcium and potassium.