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Cheese & Dairies - Now Yacht Supply

Cheese & Dairies

We know how important diaries are in daily diet: we offer you a wide selection of local, national and international variety of cheese and diary products.


Meat & Game

The best selection of meat, vacuum-packed and cut in the size you need. Ask our experts for a great sselection for your barbecue.

Fish & Seafood - Now Yacht Supply

Fish & Seafood

Fish in Sicily is legendary! We do select the very best produce directly from the fish market, to let you taste a perfect meal just as it was just out of the sea. We pay extremely attention to the local and legal organic stop for our species. It’s a way to protect our environment!

Bread & Baking - Now Yacht Supply

Bread & Baking

Bread is famous in Sicily: pls ask a generous selection of local bread, baked twice a day, fresh or frozen to let you have it anytime during your cruise.

Herbs & Spices - Now Yacht Supply

Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices really enrich dramatically your cuisine: try herbs and spices directly from our open-air markets, it will be un unforgettable experience!

fresh supply - Now Yacht Supply

Fruits & Vegetables

An excellent selection of beautiful and delicious fresh produce both from KmO and from importation.

Wines & Spirits - Now Yacht Supply

Wines & Spirits

Either do you need international wines or fancy to taste and experience our best Sicilian wines, you can count on us. We perfectly know how to match your guests’ desires and preferences.

Waters & Beverages - Now Yacht Supply

Waters & Beverages

Luxury waters, different sizes and formats, beverages from all over the world delivered directly to your boat.

Sweets & Cakes

Try the original taste of our famous sweets and cakes: Cassata, Cannoli, icecream are a joy for the taste and for the eyes!

Toiletries & Cleaning - Now Yacht Supply

Toiletries & Cleaning items

Any specific item you may need to make your job onboard easier!

Kitchen Technical Equipment - Now Yacht Supply

Kitchen Technical Equipment

Anything you need onboard to help you on your job.

Flowers & Arrangements - Now Yacht Supply

Flowers & Arrangements

The freshest and most beautiful flowers for your guests, according to their preferences

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