Sea is our passion; as well as everything that is tied to the sea, so for us it’s an honor to work for people who have made of the sea, their own life…Our goal is not just to work for you, but together with you, to get the best result as possible, for this reason we please you to remember that Sicily is an island, and incoming shipments from our suppliers, takes one or two days more respect the rest of country. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.



All people that working in NOW Yacht Supply Love Sea and Nature, that’s why we collaborate actively with WWF (World Wide Fund), Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd, and other local environmental companies. In our small way, we try to help protect what nature has given us, here in Syracuse we contribute to protecting the marine reserve of “Plemmiri”, the natural reserve of “Ciane” river, and the salt flats natural reserve.

War on waste


Turning our minds to all the children who every day are starving, we have decided to put into action a waste war, taking perishable food only if has been ordered. In this way we consume less electricity, we always provide fresh food to our customers, and above all we do not throw nothing, never…

We help our Economy


As far as possible, we recommend our customers to cook dishes using local products, that are genuine, safe, and top quality. In this way, we try to help our economy, our peasants, our fishermen, our breeders, our shepherds, our artisans, and all those who produce niche products of the highest quality.