NOW we also have Marine Plankton…

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Marine plankton is an exclusive food which is debuting in the culinary world, enhancing recipes by adding the authentic flavour of the sea.

The aroma and nutritional value of marine microalgae awakened the interest ot the well-known “Chef of the sea”, Angel León (2 Michelin Stars for “Aponiente”).

He introduced the benefits of marine plankton to fine dining, aware that this ingredient would enable him to take a step further in his constant experimenting in the kitchen using only a subtle amount.

With Plancton Marino it is now possible to capture the authentic aroma of the sea without the need to use large quantities of marine product.

A new highly innovative and sensational ingredient enters the gourmet panorama of haute cuisine and gastronomy: The Marine Plankton.

Exceptional discovery for haute cuisine and extraordinary food with beneficial and healthy properties, the freeze-dried Marine Plankton is 100% natural and vegan. And it is the selected fruit of a single monocellular alga on at least 100 thousand species existing in nature.

What is Marine Plankton?
A real revolution in the kitchen, marine plankton is an exclusive food, used as an enhancer of the authentic taste of the sea.

Marine Plankton is:
• A 100% natural product, because grown within the Phytoplankton aquaculture industry, which reproduces the optimal conditions of the marine environment;
• Rich in essential minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, potassium, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin C, E and 12;
• Guaranteed by all the health certifications of the European Food Safety Authority (Efsa, European food safety authority) after more than 5 years of testing and analysis in various countries…