About NOW Yacht Supply

Yachting industry requires ever faster and well done services, at any time, and any conditions, for this reason, some years ago we decided to create “NOW”. “NOW” is a yacht services company, born to meet all needs of owners, guests, and crews, during their stay in Sicily. We offer tailor made services, to ensure best quality to your stay on our island. We supply regional, national, and international food products, beverage and alcoholic throughout Sicily. We supply also, kitchen technical equipment, professional cleaning products, flowers and plants, motor/sail-yacht technical stuff. Our motto is…where, how, and whenever you want.

Where we Operate

Our Headquarter is in Siracusa, but we operate in all Sicily, Catania, Messina, PalermoTrapani, Agrigento, and the Islands Aeolian and Egadi. Thanks to our organization, covering the entire island, we can follow you in your travels, and make you have everything you ask, anywhere.